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Uh, hi! This is Ca- I mean Chuck Shurley, just- Chuck, sorry. [Indistinct fumbling noises] Leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks?
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In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. A few epochs later the hairless apes pranced onto the scene to the tune of a painfully slow evolutionary two-step, and one-two-three the first angel tripped and fell face-first into an alternate realm of his own design. They said the physical fall itself was over a year long, and that his landing opened holes in the earth that swallowed entire villages.

Such were the days of yore, when sacrifices paid with blood and there was a God in Heaven. Today the halls of the seven Heavens shone a little brighter, the radiance of Creation and Grace burning just a little hotter; the Heavenly equivalent of a sunny day. Somewhere higher than the stars, in the lofty reaches of the Seventh Heaven where only the three Seraphim and their Lord walked, the door to the throne room was shut tight. Nobody entered the seventh heaven much anymore. Once it had been the sometimes playground of the archangels, where even the lesser angels dared to peek on occasion, but three Graces didn't fill the vast halls quite well enough, and it lay empty more often than not. They crowded the other six, leaving the throne room's beautiful antechamber deserted.

A presence stirred in its deeps, blinding light pouring from behind the golden door, and something too enormous for words and too perfect to look at moved through the impossible halls. The light flared out like trumpets and transubstantiation; after long moments the arcing beams started to fall inwards, coalescing in what looked like the figure of a man. It was action like He hadn't taken in a very long time.
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[There’s a fumbling click followed by a jumble of soft sounds underscored with a low electric buzz. After a split second of non-focus the thing is bounced around then goes flying, twirling nauseatingly through the air before clattering to a halt, pointed at an awkward angle that gets the bed half in its sights. Chuck can be seen stirring in the bed, bringing a hand to his unshaven head with a creaky, stiff groan. After a moment he sits up noisily, blinks at something tall and blurry next to him on the bed, and yanks what seems to be an IV out of his arm. And oh good, he’s bleeding a little. He doesn’t look too fussed- just confused and flailing, then falling over into bed again loudly with what are obviously horrendously sore muscles.]
NON IC cut, obviously since this is a video derp )
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[The video starts with a confused series of clicks and shuffling noises, fumbling and images zooming by too fast to decipher. Then Chuck's face comes into view, pale and extremely stressed, looking a little green. For some reason, he's lying stomach-down in an alley.]

Oh god. What the hell is this- hello? Hello? Is this thing o-

[-His eyes widen for a split second and he whips out of frame, the camera bobbing around nauseously to the sound of retching and what sounds like extremely painful vomiting, at least four or five times before the camera stills and Chuck brings it over to his eyes again. It might just be the white shirt washing him out, but damn does he look like shit (even as he wipes sick from his mouth, and there's a giant bruise on his forehead. Pushing himself up on his elbows looks like enormous effort, but with some grunts he gets himself up enough to slump against the alley wall.]

...Anyway. Uh- can someone tell me what's going on? I can't- [More vomiting.] -Ican'teven what the hell seriously. I was in my living room. Where the hell is everybody? Who were those people? [He retches a little, but seems to push it down, and gathers himself for a moment before speaking again.]

[Quietly:] I want to know what happened to me. This wasn't in my visions- it's wrong. It shouldn't be happening.
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Who: God and Gabriel
When: Immediately after the events of "Hammer of the Gods"
What: Resurrection, and rare moments of active fatherhood.

With a snap and a twist, a Coyote falls dead. Since beginningless time death has thrived in the voids and the darkness and the space between vibrant, thriving life. )
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