Jan. 25th, 2011

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[The video starts with a confused series of clicks and shuffling noises, fumbling and images zooming by too fast to decipher. Then Chuck's face comes into view, pale and extremely stressed, looking a little green. For some reason, he's lying stomach-down in an alley.]

Oh god. What the hell is this- hello? Hello? Is this thing o-

[-His eyes widen for a split second and he whips out of frame, the camera bobbing around nauseously to the sound of retching and what sounds like extremely painful vomiting, at least four or five times before the camera stills and Chuck brings it over to his eyes again. It might just be the white shirt washing him out, but damn does he look like shit (even as he wipes sick from his mouth, and there's a giant bruise on his forehead. Pushing himself up on his elbows looks like enormous effort, but with some grunts he gets himself up enough to slump against the alley wall.]

...Anyway. Uh- can someone tell me what's going on? I can't- [More vomiting.] -Ican'teven what the hell seriously. I was in my living room. Where the hell is everybody? Who were those people? [He retches a little, but seems to push it down, and gathers himself for a moment before speaking again.]

[Quietly:] I want to know what happened to me. This wasn't in my visions- it's wrong. It shouldn't be happening.


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