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on the 2nd day [video] *accidental, joint with Castiel

[There’s a fumbling click followed by a jumble of soft sounds underscored with a low electric buzz. After a split second of non-focus the thing is bounced around then goes flying, twirling nauseatingly through the air before clattering to a halt, pointed at an awkward angle that gets the bed half in its sights. Chuck can be seen stirring in the bed, bringing a hand to his unshaven head with a creaky, stiff groan. After a moment he sits up noisily, blinks at something tall and blurry next to him on the bed, and yanks what seems to be an IV out of his arm. And oh good, he’s bleeding a little. He doesn’t look too fussed- just confused and flailing, then falling over into bed again loudly with what are obviously horrendously sore muscles.]


[The blurry thing next to Chuck on the bed would be Cas, bundled up in a half fetal position with one leg sticking awkwardly out of the covers. At Chuck’s first noise of protest Cas palms hit the mattress, splayed out on either side of him and his head snaps up. It takes twenty seconds for him to blink the sleep out of his eyes, his face is one of vapid confusion. He licks his lips, sets his jaw, and raises his brow at the sight of Chuck and his arm, not speaking until a moment later.] You weren’t supposed to do that.

[Blink blink.] Wha?

You’ve been asleep for eight days. [Cas takes a minute to count on his fingers.] One, one- two, yeah- four, five, siiiiiix- eight. Also, you smell. I kept having to wake you up to vacate your bladder. You tried to grapple with me once, I think you were still asleep even then. It was… interesting.

Dude. Eight- eight days? That's not asleep, that's a coma!

A coma, then. You provided decent warmth when you weren't being a vegetable.

Huh. [You can practically hear his bones creak as he gets up.] That's kind of weird, dude. ...Wait, where did you sleep?


....Okay. Uh. Thanks for being my nurse. [The camera is totally taken up by his foot.]

[Somewhat sarcastically.] I was under the impression that it was what friends do. You might want to shower, Chuckity Chuck. I have some clothes you can borrow. We're of about the same body type.

I... yeah. A shower sounds awesome, actually. Why the hell was that thing zapping me? [Kicks it gently; it goes sliding across the floor so their voices are fainter.]

It does that when you neglect it. Like a wasp with low self esteem.

What the f- [Distant clatters.] Shit- speaking of which, where did this come from?

[Cas is giggling in the background.] Greg put it in you when I had him look you over.

Who- who the hell is GREG?!

[End of feed.]

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